Bare Naked Bikini

Get your full Bunny Brazilian on. Removes all hair inner, outer, above, below, and of course, booty service. Like the name implies, no hair is left “behind.” Get it? 

Also comes with a complimentary hand or foot treatment.

New Client Bare Naked

For Sugar virgins only!

VIB Bare Naked

Loyal bunnies only.  Save when you pre-book your next appointment!

*Must be booked upon check-out


Almost Bare Bikini


Extend your bikini line to remove hair further in and underneath. You are left with a “love patch” in front and down the middle. Does not include lips or booty service.

Classic Bikini


Keep it simple and sophisticated. Great for our teen bunnies.  Your basic bikini shaping removes unwanted hair from the sides and off the top. You may wear your favorite bikini or undies during the service or a paper thong will be provided.


The Hundred Dollar Bikini

Highly recommended for first time brazilians and sugar waxing virgins who want to go full monty. Start with a relaxing scalp relief ritual and paraffin foot aroma treatment, follow with a full bare bikini, and end with a seaweed masque. Includes a 5-day follow-up service. Finally, a brazilian with full benefits.



The Valley Girl

The best of both worlds!  Our bare naked bikini plus a single airbrush tan.

($10 savings)


Booty Service

Get rid of any unwanted hair in between cheeks and down the crack.

Bum Cheeks

Get your bum soft as a sugared bottom! Removes all fuzz from area below lower back to right under the cheeks, and both sides of the hips.

Cabana Boy

Exfoliate away dry, dead skin on the body. Get your entire back, neck and shoulders super smooth…because hair is sooo 1999.  This treatment includes any necessary extractions, healing masque and cool compresses to quell redness and irritation. Fading of the upper arms included. Especially recommended for the first time male body sugaring.  Please bring a clean white shirt to wear after treatment as fabric dye may irritate open follicles. 

The Mandatory

Because paleo style should be limited to diets.  This is not an option, it's mandatory.  Our version of the male brazilian.  We'll clean up the top and sides of your male assets while avoiding the sensitive areas.  Go Bottom's Up and smooth out your bum for only $50 more.

Full Monty

Gone baby... gone. All hair gone including the crack. For courageous male bunnies only. We'll be nice... we promise.