Introducing BB Sculpt™ Ice Therapy, one of the latest trends to slim down.

This treatment is an alternative practice that helps you slim down and reduce inches through the application of ice on the body. Applying this ice allows the body to detox the skin and activate circulation to help reduce body mass and gives a natural lift to improve appearance.

Freeze Your Fat

  • 1

    Lose Weight

  • 2

    Detoxify Your Bod

  • 3

    Reaffirm Skin

  • 4

    Invigorate Good Circulation

  • 5

    Reduce Cellulite

  • 6

    Reduce Discoloration and Stretch Marks

  • 7

    Boost Energy and Activate Your Metabolism

Cold Thermogenesis

Thermogenesis is a natural function that activates the Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) and starts to burn off the White Adipose Tissue (bad fat cells). It occurs when skin receptors stimulate the sympathetic nervous system when exposed to cold. This process aims to restore the body to normal temperature, by accelerating a rapid metabolism.  This then generates heat and burns fat by naturally expelling fat deposits through the Lymphatic System.

Our Protocol falls into the Hardcore Thermogenesis: “Hardcore intensity always involves shivering, which burns massive amounts of calories. When tested using indirect calorimetry, shivering could triple calorie burn, and that was just with subtle, low-level interval shivering, also known as “shiver surfing.”

Applying cold to the body allows for FAT cells to metabolize into energy by the BAT cells which means it’s eliminating FAT and expelling through your lymphatic system and urine, thus detoxing the bod.

What is Wooden Therapy?

Wooden Therapy is an effortless and efficient way of contouring the body without harming the skin or tissue. Each Wooden instrument has a specific use for a particular area of the body. Wood Therapy also helps fight cellulite on your body leaving it silky and smooth. Wooden Therapy will tone, reduce, mold, and eliminate stored fat in different parts of your body. This practice of Wooden Therapy can also give natural buttocks lift without having costly, painful, or invasive plastic surgery.

Wood therapy has been practiced for centuries originating in the oriental countries. Wood therapy has evolved from using rough wood tools for more therapeutic purposes to smooth wood tools used for esthetics. In the 90s the country of Colombia perfected the tools to a smoother finish and developed unique technique for many kinds of therapies. The trendiest therapy is the wood therapy for esthetics. This new technique contours the body with wood tools to improve the body’s appearance and aids overall health.


  • 1

    100% Natural, Non-Invasive

  • 2

    Free of Contraindications

  • 3

    Activates Lymphatic Drainage

  • 4

    Eliminates Toxins

  • 5

    Speeds up Metabolism